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Change your ONLINE appearance Change your Public appearance.

There is a myth – there are two sides of your image. There is the person you are in private, your thoughts are kept to yourself and you only speak when spoken to. There is the person you are online, you comment on every post, your larger than life, scanning photos and finding hilarious meme’s to add more likes to your social media pages. Guess WHAT? They are the same person! Most people are their true selves when no one else is looking. Think about what you are posting, be mindful of your social interaction online as well as your interaction in person. How does your personality change when your pressing the enter button after a glass of wine or a cheeking smile while checking your Facebook feed on your mobile device. Take a second even a minute to think before you type. Remember, others may not see every post that you make on someones page but we can see what you like if we follow you. Who you are following or friends with on social media is a reflection of you.


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Denita Lacking-Quinn, founder of Achieve PR (APR), has built one of the fastest growing boutique firms in North Texas. As an El Centro College Business Growth Center Advisory Board member and Leadership Southwest 2010 Alumni, she is as passionate about public service as she is about public relations.

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